The roof-friendly guide to decorating your home for the holidays

12.08.22 06:45 AM By Noe

The holidays are fast approaching, and with them comes the decoration of your home for the season. Before you start decorating your roof, read the following tips about safety and roof protection.

Before the decoration

Clear the roof

  • Before starting to decorate, it is essential to remove leaves, debris, mold and moss from your roof, as this can create a risk of stumbling or sliding when walking on the roof with decorations.
  • It is important that you clean your gutter system before decorating, to avoid gutter blockages during the holiday season. If this happens, you may need to remove your decorations before the holiday season is over to repair the damage caused by the gutter obstructions. If you don’t know how to clean your gutters, take a look at our post: 'link post'
  • Check for signs of unwanted animals looking to spend the winter months sheltering on your roof.
  • If there is snow or ice, you should wait for it to melt before you start decorating. Walking on any icy roof is very dangerous.
  • Do not leave cleaning tools on your roof as they may fall off. 

During the decoration

Use the ladder safely

  • Use a sturdy ladder, which can support your weight and the decorations you plan on using.
  • Make sure to position the ladder on a flat surface so it does not shake when you are on it.
  • Use a ladder that is not too short or too long. If it is short, it will be dangerous to get on the roof from it, and if it is too long it can be unstable. Make sure the height of the ladder is 1 or 1.5 feet higher than the height of the edge of your roof for maximal safety.
  • Avoid placing the ladder near power lines or electrically charged items. We suggest that you use a ladder made of fiberglass or wood, as these materials are not electrically conductive.
  • Wear shoes with non-slip soles that are free of mud or dirt.
  • Avoid carrying tools in your hands. It is preferable to wear them in a tool belt, to have your hands available while climbing up the ladder.

Staying safe on your roof

  • Remember to wear proper shoes, as you read in the tip above. This will help you be safer if you have to walk on the roof.
  • Avoid having kids help you decorate on the ladder and roof. If they want to help, have them decorate the garden or the lower parts of the house.

Protect your roof

  • Don’t overload your roof. Be careful if you need to use heavy objects, such as sandbags, to hold any decorations. A lot of weight on the roof for a long time could damage it.
  • Avoid using staples! Drilling holes in your roof could allow water to enter and damage it. At the same time, remember that it is important to secure any objects well, because during storms they may fall. You can use clips or other material that do not need to pierce the roof.

Take care of your body

  • We recommend using light decorations, as using heavy objects could damage your back. Lights, for example, do not weight a lot and are easy to place.
  • Don’t put yourself in weird positions when placing decorations.
  • If you can do the job with someone else’s help or supervision, it will be better. The other person can reach the decorative objects, hold the ladder, and even take turns with you. 

Be careful with the electricity

  • Check that lights or decorative objects that need electricity are suitable for outdoor use.
  • Use weatherproof extension cables.
  • Don’t overload your electrical circuits.
  • Check that all the decorations and cables you are going to place are in perfect condition, since a stripped or damaged cable could cause a fire.

After the decoration

Regular checks

  • It’s good to check your decorations regularly, especially after storms, to make sure they haven’t come loose or fallen off.

Carefully remove your decor at the end of the holiday season

  • Disconnect all decorations from electrical circuits before starting to remove them.
  • Carefully remove the decoration. If you have lights, do not pull them all down at once. Instead, take them down slowly in a similar fashion that you used to put them on. If you take them off all at once, you can break the decor or even your roof.
  • Follow the same safety tips you used during installation.

We hope you enjoy the holiday season with your family, and that your house looks great with the decorations!

Kind regards from the Moriarty Roofing Family.