Shingle color of the year 2024

12.04.23 07:01 AM By Noe
Owens Corning, our shingle supplier, announces the Shingle Color of the Year every year.
Color is chosen by professionals who understand its significance and how it affects our lives.
We present the 2024 Shingle Color in recognition of the fact that color selection is important to some of our customers, as well as how it complements the house's walls and other architectural features. Furthermore, we'd like to highlight a few colors from previous seasons as inspiration and to help you decide which one is best for you and your family.

Introducing the 2024 color: WILLIAMSBURG GRAY

Relaxing on the porch. Being one with the natural world. A timeless grace that never fails to impress. This is the vibe of Williamsburg Gray: organically inspired and historically rich. Taking inspiration from river-washed rocks and granite cliffs, this modern take on traditional beauty employs slate grays, volcanic blacks, and earthy browns to create a one-of-a-kind yet timeless look.

Creating color

Williamsburg Gray, the 2024 Shingle Color of the Year, was intended to add a modern twist to a classic style. The design team at Owens Corning was inspired by nature, drawing inspiration from river-washed rocks and granite cliffs to create an unique shingle color. Close inspection reveals a complicated mixture of diverse colored granules—slate grays, volcanic blacks, and earthy browns. From the curb, they combine to give a very exquisite yet modest look that is well-suited to a variety of exterior palettes. 

Before and after Williamsburg Gray

See the makeover of this house using 2024 Shingle Color of the Year, Williamsburg Gray, with TruDefinition® Duration® shingles.

How can it be combined?

It's more than just a roof to you—it's a statement of your individuality and flair! Sometimes you just need to see the whole vibe of the design before deciding on a roof color. To assist, the team at Owens Corning has produced style boards utilizing the Color Shingle of the Year 2024. Take a look.

Enjoy this video about the Shingle Color of the Year 2024

Shingle Color of the Year of previous years

Here are some colors from previous years to aid you in choosing the one that best suits your way of life, residence, and family.

When one day finishes and another begins, inky blues deepen into rich purples, filling the night sky with a sense of wonder and possibility. That's the power of Midnight Plum. Inviting and intriguing, the 2023 Shingle Color of the Year evokes the awe-inspiring tones that emerge after dark. With regal violet shades and elegant touches of silver, this new hue is a distinctive yet versatile choice for homeowners. This TruDefinition Duration shingle carries the advanced performance of patented SureNail Technology, tough enough to weather the elements, year round.

2023 Shingle Color: Midnight Plum

2022 Shingle Color: Bourbon

Chilled blues mingle with toasty notes of gold in our signature Bourbon color blend. Layered hues entice the eye with soothing shades of sea and sky against the earthy warmth of caramel, leather and chocolate. The full-bodied depth of this color mix gives Bourbon its greatest strengths—versatility and an enduringly beautiful finish. All TruDefinition® Duration® Designer Colors Collection shingles come with the advanced performance of patented SureNail® Technology, tough enough to weather the elements, year round.

Just like feeling the calm, quietness of a walk in the woods, Aged Copper is a peaceful blend of colors that instantly remind you of nature's expansive beauty. Earthly elements of deep orange, sage green, and brown granules mix together to create a warm, welcoming look. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of exterior palettes that will be complemented by Aged Copper. Bring the beauty of nature to your home and enjoy the scenery you'll see from the curb.

2021 Shingle Color: Aged Copper

2020 Shingle Color: Pacific Wave

Calm and peaceful yet strong and impressive, Pacific Wave is a color you will unexpectedly love. It was inspired by the color movement of the deep and powerful Pacific Ocean, and it takes a regular gray shingle to a whole new level. Pale blue mixed with dark and light gray granules will help these shingles look great on a beach cottage at the coast or on a classic Colonial brick home away from water. And best of all, Pacific Wave can pair with a wide range of accent colors, so you can let your personality shine.

A timeless color that masters richness and depth using granules of classic black with gray, umber brown and a hint of sable. Dark and mysterious, TruDefinition® Duration® Designer shingles in Black Sable are the definition of fierce sophistication and dangerous beauty.

2019 Shingle Color: Black Sable

2018 Shingle Color: Sand Dune

As the waves roll in and the breeze blows, sit back, deep exhale and let the sunshine warm your toes in the sand. The color Sand Dune helps create a sense of natural grandeur with a relaxed versatile medley of coastal hues. It combines elements of bisque beige, driftwood, shale and charcoal with a touch of light sky blue that paints a canvas of effortless elegance with a range of exterior palettes. Sand Dune is light and airy and very approachable—leave your cares behind and enjoy the view.

As a nod to the gravitational and tactile quality of wood which makes us want to touch it as well as the calming influence of blue in our lives, we are excited to name Sedona Canyon, of our Duration® Designer Colors Collection shingles, as the Owens Corning Roofing 2017 SHINGLE COLOR OF THE YEAR. It is a color that both grounds us and allows us to have greater versatility in color choice, no matter what the season.

2017 Shingle Color: Sedona Canyon

We wish this article had been around when you were picking out the shade of your asphalt shingle roof.

Kind regards from the Moriarty's Roofing Family.