10 Signs you may need new gutters

08.15.22 06:24 AM By Noe
gutter guard broken
Many times the damage to your gutters is more serious than it seems and can cause huge problems when you do not act quickly. In this article you will find some signs you should consider when determining whether to replace your gutters.
At Moriarty’s Roofing we advise you to periodically check your gutters (at least twice a year), and to do a general cleaning. This will avoid unexpected problems and save you money as you won’t have to make gutter system replacements that you could have avoided.

1- Separated gutters

If the parts of the gutter system are not hermetically connected, water will be lost. If you see this separation, you should act quickly, as perhaps a simple repair can be made. If you do not make any repairs, other problems such as oxidation and breakage can arise.
separated gutters

2- Peeling paint and oxidation

This is an indicator that the lining of the gutters is no longer protecting them, and the next phase is the oxidation of the metal. Once the metal oxidizes, it loses its physical properties until it breaks. 
gutter oxidation
separated and rusty gutters

3- Missing nails or screws

If you find nails or screws under the gutters, or notice them missing in various parts of the gutters, you should replace them. If in addition to this you have another problem that we mentioned, perhaps the best option is to replace the whole gutter system.

4- Bending or leaning gutters

If the gutters are bending, leaning or pulling away from the house, it is a serious problem. The gutter system will not work properly to drain rainwater, causing the water to fall from the sides, or worse, the gutters will accumulate water until it breaks. If you can correct these gutter system deformations, it’s best to do so before the next rain, and if you can’t, you should replace it now.

bending gutters

5- Visible cracking

If you notice that your gutters and downspouts are starting to crack, it means that your system will no longer function properly when it rains. Water will seep through these cracks, and it will not be able to be redirected, falling through your walls and floors, bringing with it other problems. Normally when some cracks appear, your whole gutter system stops working properly and the best option is to replace the system.
visible gutter cracking

6- Puddles of water or mold around your home

If there is mold around your home, or puddles of water after rain, in areas where there should be not be water, it is a problem. Remember that mold is not only bad for your walls, floor and roof, but it can bring health problems, so it is best to avoid it.
If you see this happening, It’s time to take a look at your gutters, which aren’t working as they should.

7- Soil erosion

It not only can be bad for vegetation, but it could also expose your house's foundation to water damage. To avoid this, it is important to have a well-functioning gutter system.

8- Standing water

If the water is stagnant in any section of your gutter system, it means that there is some element blocking its passage. The first thing you need to do is clean the gutters and downspouts. If you can’t unclog the water, you’ll need to install a new gutter system.
It is important to clean the gutter system two or three times a year.
standing water in gutter

9- Foundation problems

Excess water in the foundation can cause settlement, with the consequent deformation of the structure of the house. If this is happening it is because the sewer system is probably not working properly.

10- Water damage marks

If you see watermarks on the outer walls of your home, then you need to replace the gutters immediately. This means that your gutters are leaking water and could cause moisture problems in your home.
water damage marks

Kind regards from the Moriarty Roofing Family.